Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sara Sullivan

This is a name that has been floating around many of my Facebook and military contacts. Sara was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of this year, and gave birth to baby Chloe the beginning of September. She suffered from postpartum brain swelling that eventually lead to her becoming brain dead. She was able to spend two days at home with her husband, Brady and her premmie, Chloe. It is such a heartbreaking story, yet this is a family in Christ who has continuously shown their strength and faith in their Creator.

Her family is participating in the Race for the Cure in Texas and their are trying to reach their goal of $10,000 in memory of Sara. Click here to support them! While their faith is stronger than it has ever been, it would be greatly encourage them in such a dark time as this is.

You can also visit their blog at:

Words cannot express the pain right now, but it amazes me the people I have known who have used their heartache and pain to magnify their God and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is just so impressive to see them take a step for God and trust Him with such a heavy burden.

Mostly, please say a prayer for them.


Michele said...

Hello Rob and Jenny (and adorable kiddos), This is Michele Cassula (used to be Dockter) who lived in Colorado Springs and knew Rob from "the farm". Jenny, I got to meet you one time when you and Rob came to the Springs, and it was great to meet you! I'm so happy I got an email from Rob about your half marathon and he had your blog website on it, and I followed it here. It's great to "catch up" with you guys through the blog! If you'd like to check out my family, my blog is :
I'll be making my way back here often to check up on your beautiful family! Blessings!!!

Pamela said...

Carey was good friends with her. I guess they knew each other in Osan.
By forllowing their blog, I was amazed by how much faith, grace and dignity they showed throughout their ordeal. I know their story has touched many lives that they will never be aware of. Hopefully their story will be testament to each of us and our own personal relationship with God.