Wednesday, April 23, 2008

please pray.

Hi family and friends,

Please be in prayer for two families at Columbus AFB, whose husbands died in a T-38 crash upon take off. It looks as if both the instructor and student tried to eject, but didn't make it. As details unfold I pray that there is resolve and healing.

There isn't much else to say, but please cover them in prayer.

Monday, April 21, 2008

a year's wait.

Today. 21 Apr 08. It has been *exactly* one year to the date since we found out that we were pregnant last year. Most of you know that it ended in a miscarriage fairly early on.

Today. 21 Apr 08. Rob and I are excited to announce that we are, again, expecting. While it has been a year since last year, we have known for a little while now that we were pregnant. And let me tell you, I feel like I've known for an *eternity*.

We waited a little while to announce the news, for obvious reasons, but there were few that I could hardly wait to tell. You know who you are. And I know it seems silly to keep it under wraps, because it's not like you wouldn't tell anyone if you had gone through another miscarriage, right?

Well, it has been another year. And I can honestly say that God taught me a few lessons, with one major lesson in focus. A lesson of patience. And control. I know I have talked that issue into the ground, if not on paper/blog, then definitely in my head! But learning to let go seems to be a lifelong lesson. A lesson that you never quite "nail on the head", but rather one that continues to hit you on the head - over and over and over, until you get it.

Do you ever have moments where you *know* you learned your lesson? It just feels different, doesn't? It's like one minute you're a headcase, and the next minute you just feel a calm. It was like that for me. And God definitely confirmed some of those things for me. See, I got to a point where if I knew my biology way too well. Seriously. For instance - have you ever heard of Mittelschmerz pains? I hadn't either, until I felt it.......and then "googled" it (because I "google" everything). If you want to know it, you can look it up! :) It really showed me how our bodies are so wired to do what it does, that we can't even fully appreciate it.

So anyway. We are pregnant again!

We're excited. And grounded. How it's possible to be both, I am not sure.

So here is our first ultrasound - at 7.5 weeks. You can see a really defined yolk sac right next to the baby. I love seeing my uterus occupied! ;)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

spouse taxi ride.

On Friday, Rob's squadron did a fun day and gave their respective spouses a taxi ride down the runway. I have never done this before, and it was pretty fun - other than the not taking off part! ;) It was a rainy day and once the jet reached a little over 100 knots, it was over. But mostly, it was a fun family day with kids and friends and pizza.

Flightsuits are kinda different in the sense that I feel like I am going pant-less.


You know, if you really think about it, birthdays are so much more fun than the original "birth day"! That was definitely the thought I had this year. I much prefer cake and kids and songs to hospital room and contractions and pushing and, yeah.

This past Saturday we had a simple party to honor both Rob and Ben for their birthdays! And now that I think about it - why do they get the birthday party? Shouldn't the moms get the birthday party...they did a majority of the labor on the original "birth day"! :)

All joking aside, it was a great day and the weather was sunny and the kids were happy, and Ben couldn't ask for more. Well, I suppose he could. He demanded we open all the presents out of their packaging *right* when we got home. Oh the sense of urgency kids have. No sense of urgency for other things, however. Like grocery shopping quickly or rushing out the door or putting toys away. Funny how that works. are some pictures of the special day!

Ben's cake....made by moi.

Rob's cake - made by moi. However, I did find the photo fondant on the internet.

Ben - making sure he is really 3 now!

Sort of blowing candles out - the wind also thought it was its birthday.

opening presents.

playing near puddles.

waiting for cake.

marveling at gifts.

more marveling.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

can it please be birthdays already?

I know I haven't written in a long while. And it really isn't that I don't have much to say, it's more that I have been not been in a "talkative" mood. Maybe that's a good thing, you say....well you can just keep those thoughts to yourselves! :)

In all honesty, I don't know why...except that it may be pure laziness. I haven't wanted to sit down and type. But I assure all of you that I have been thoroughly engrossed in everyone else's blogs! I love hearing all the news people have to share! New babies, new trips, summer plans, friends who take great pictures of their baby, friends who get all digi-savvy with their blogs! I love it all.

So, I titled this blog for the reason that tomorrow is Rob's (30th) birthday and Friday is Ben's (3rd) birthday! I am very excited and can't wait to celebrate with them. I will post some pictures later, when said birthdays take place.

But, mostly, I am ready for birthdays, because Ben can't handle it anymore, and consequently - neither can I! The funny thing is (and I know all you moms out there will think I'm nuts, and I think I am now, too, for thinking such a thought) I actually thought I might get away with not doing Ben a huge birthday party. Ha! Looking back if I was going to have a "free" year, it would have been his second birthday - but NOT HIS THIRD! Not the tit-for-tat, he said/she said, comparative mindset that is unique to the 3's. No way. After he has been to a few birthdays this year, there is no way he wasn't getting one. But really, it's fine. It's going to be birthday cake at the park, and we'll call it good.

Finally, the second reason I am glad for birthdays is that I'll hear from my Mom and Dad, who are on a Mexican Riveria cruise. I really would like to hear from them because I got this strange one-line email that reads:

"We are in Cabo and part of the bldg fell on me, I am ok. Also we will try to call on Ben's and Rob's b-day. Love ya, Mom."

So, this is exactly like my sweet ol' mom. Leave it to her to give me this much of the story and leave me hanging. See, most people would either tell you the whole story, or wait until they can tell you the whole story.

But, not Anita. No, not Anita.

Mom, if you're out there and your Blackberry will allow you to view my blog: We love you and hope you're doing OK. Please call us! :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

best of march, comes the best of april

The origin of thought as a Woman sees it:

The mustache. The month of March. Why not combine the two in the name of comraderie? We'll have Mustache March and freak our wives for the next 31 days. And we'll make it a competition.

Rob received "Best Mustache" in his squadron, and in turn, receives 2 months of Snack-O bills paid. So I guess we'll save $30 bucks in the next two months.

Best of March:

Best of April:

It's funny, because this is now the third year in our marriage that Rob has participated in the sport. But, it's the first year that I said there was no way he was backing out until the very end. See what tends to happen is this: guys think it is such a great idea (because they don't think about it all the way through) and what happens is people dwindle toward the latter half of the month - and find themselves with a razor in hand. And lo and behold it's 18 Mar and there are a fewer mustaches than before.

Not this year though. The mustache was actually soft this year!