Thursday, May 15, 2008

baby buns.

Today, I had my 3rd OB appt, a couple days before my trip to Phoenix to spend time with the parents. I had to bump this appointment up so that I could get this trip in to Phoenix this Saturday.

It was another positive appointment. I thank you all for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. It really means a lot to know that I am cared for, by not only God, but by friends and family here.

Tomorrow marks 14 weeks, and we listened to the baby's heart again - at about 162 bpm....hmmm...could it be a girl, like my Mom predicts every time!? He also checked me out to make sure things were still on track. I made my next appt for 5 Jun, and at that appointment we will find out if the baby's a boy or a girl. Weird.... It seems so early to me for lots of different reasons. Before I know it, the Ben's brother or sister will be here. :)

I get more and more comfortable with the pregnancy the longer time goes on, and the reality is sinking in more and more. I am glad to know that this 10 lbs I have put on is going to good use. I can truthfully proclaim that I don't even care how much I gain - much different from the ideals of being pregnant for the first time around. :)
Attached are a couple pictures of the big differences this time around. I was at first shocked at how I was "growing" but fall in more and more in love with it knowing it's going to good use.
This first picture is me a few weeks ago at 10 weeks. It is strikingly similar to me at 22 weeks with Ben - the second picture.
In my defense: this was taken at night, when you're not supposed to be the "lightest" anyway.
My best friend, Emily thought indeed I must be exaggerating, but once I showed the proof, here is what she said:
Ok, so my "best friend opinion" is...yes, you definitely look preggers! You were not exaggerating. There is no hiding that. I will say that you do look very cute with a little belly and that of course it will show more on someone in your type of physical condition. In your normal state, you don't have much 'extra'. Consequently, you don't have any 'extra' to disguise the growing belly! To me it is very exciting, because the more the belly the shows the more real it is! Just don't worry. I am sure everything is great! I think your belly speaks for itself! Can't wait to hear about your doctors appt tomorrow and see more pictures from the birthday festivities. PS - Your hair is getting very long! Miss & love you,Em
Thank you, Weav, I know I can always count on the truth. Really.
I hope this finds you all well. Ben and I will be adjusting for the next week or so to the 100's that we are going to experience in Sunny AZ. I miss it already! :)


There has been a lot going on lately. I just haven't taken the time to sit down on the computer. The weather has been great, and parks have been seeming more enticing than a computer screen. Plus, Ben sleep so well when he gets his "play on." :)

Here is what we, Mississippians, have been up to:

Rob: The aftermath of the crashes is taking place. Many memorials have been held, many meals have been made, scrapbooks are being compiled. Lastly, jets are slowly getting back up in the air. While the Air Force tells the instructors not to worry about the timeline, they still want you to be thinking about it. So, they are getting back going, and refiguring timelines and dates and graduations. There are always some mixed feelings, but things are slowly working themselves out.

Jenny and Ben: After watching two dogs for a week, in addition to our own, I have realized that dogs are like kids. You love others' kids, but you're sure glad you have your own. You realize few things about yourself that you're not exactly proud of. You realize how used to routines you are. You realize how anal you can be about those routines. And mostly, you realize that while your kid/dog have bad habits and things you can't stand, it looks quite different when you see the variety of kids/dogs out there.

Ben: Ben's last week of school was this week and this morning ended it his school program/gradaution. It was so sweet to see the teachers saying goodbye to the 4 year olds and handing them a "diploma". While I know it seems so silly, it really is endearing to see how much the teachers really invest in their kids. Ben's teacher "Miss" Willie talked about how she still receives graduation announcements from kids that are now 18, and she had them for the first time when they were 18 MONTHS! :)

Finally, Ben and I are gearing up for a quick/short notice trip to AZ on Saturday. I am so blessed by both of our families, as my in-laws gave me two ticket vouchers that they couldn't use to fly home. The blessing in disguise is that one night my mother-in-law, Liz had called me one night to offer them to me after she had talked to my mom. She had noted that she thought my mom sounded a little down and tired from work and helping my dad out after his knee surgery. As soon as I called my mom, she broke in to tears of happiness! So thank you to both of my families. I am so blessed that we all have such a united family.

So we're leaving the rain and green for the dry and desert that is AZ! My dad told me to gear up for the for the first week of 100 degree weather! Please pray for safety in travels and good health!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

another fatal crash.

Please pray for another T-38 crash that occurred this morning at Shepperd AFB in Texas. This one claimed another two lives, and is impacting so many. It is so amazing and sad how much a single life can affect so many. While there are families grieving, it is causing a major ripple effect to the rest of the Air Force community, proving that uncertainty is always there.

Rob's squadron is pretty much grounded at this point, and no one is quite sure what will change that fact. I can't even begin to think how everything with training and its pipeline will be altered. But most importantly, things are stopping for good reason, regardless of timelines.

I am glad to have the husband home, since he was supposed to be away to do the Missing Man formation for the student who died here at Columbus.