Friday, November 16, 2007

conversations with Ben.

My Navigator/Co-pilot:

Ben: why are we going this way?
Me: because this is the way to the ice cream store.
Ben: oh. That’s a good idea.
Me: Yes, we don’t want to get lost.
Ben: God keeps me safe.
My Cheerleader:

Ben watching me go to the bathroom, standing in the doorway.

Me: what are you doing just standing there? (he is staring intently at me, and I am thinking that maybe he is going pee in his diaper, while watching me go in the potty.)
Ben: I am just standing here, holding door.
(I do my duty, and start to flush, etc.)
Ben: Yay!!! Good job, Mommy! I’m so proud of you!!!

Note: I know this is a common instance with many parents out there. The idea of praise is obviously lost on Ben at this point….
My Literal Son:

Me: Ben, aren’t you so glad that you’re potty trained?! (Trying to reassure myself and make sure Ben is mindful of this new concept that has finally clicked in him.)
Ben: mmhmm, yes… And I’m poopy trained!
Me: (speechless) Yes, you are. You’re potty trained *and* poopy trained.

it's a good think we don't *really* have to rake the yard. below: Ben in a "huey" helicopter from Ft. Rucker, AL. This picture along with the airplane picture was taken at "career day". We were not looking for careers, but student pilots are (there are a few of those here at Columbus AFB. Ha!)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ben's class photo.

Here is Ben's first class photo. I am not sure why he looks so serious and/or borderline angry. And I can only imagine the fun getting them to take the picture. From left to right - Top row: Miss Pat, Austin,Jacob, Charlie, Miss Willie. Bottom row: Sabrina, Ben (with the ladies), Lauren. Another friend not pictured is Mirabelle, who missed that day.

This week they will be having their Thanksgiving feast. And Ben will be joining the potty people in his class! :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

if you don't find this funny....

A tribute to any mom out there - young or old, seasoned or wetter behind the ears! If you don't love it, I will be very surprised.

All that being said....I think potty training for the big two and a half year old in our house has finally clicked. While I know we're still going to have oopsies here and there, it was noticeably an "aha" moment for Ben.

Why might you ask? Well, for one - I haven't said "Ben, is your underwear dry?" a dozen times in a 5 minute window. Is this an exaggeration? Slightly, but not too far from the truth. I will not go into too much detail about the going-ons (literally and figuratively), as much as I KNOW that I have friends out there who love talking about poop! (Susannah, are you there?) And as much as I, too, enjoy talking about it, as I have had issues myself in the whole GI department. (not with potty training, thank you) Annnnnnnyyyyyyywayyyyyyy.....the fact is, this is the first day where I see a noticeable change in his behaviors.

But this brings me to a different subject: trust and faith.

Why does Jenny still get frustrated and impatient witht he fact that Ben isn't potty-trained in spite of:

A kindergarten teacher friend that assures me that no child has ever come to her class in diapers?

That countless friends say: you'll know when their ready. When they are ready, they WILL do it.

That when I was at a MOPS meeting and there were moms asking different moms parenting questions, there was not a single question about potty training?


IT'S TRUE! And kids do learn and they will learn. I guess, sometimes, the element missing is the experience that they will learn (pick your obstacle) in their own time. With a first child, you don't get that and sometimes it's harder to trust.

So, hopefully, when round 2 or 3 or....comes around, I will be better those next times around.

And I will keep you posted when that next time is! :)