Thursday, March 19, 2009

i feel dirty.

So there's this store in Columbus called Dirt Cheap. No really, it's true. And it is both of those things. I had never been there, but it is frequented by many people...looking for dirt cheap bargains. How aptly titled. ;) It is hard to explain to someone what this store is like, but the closest thing to it a low scale Tuesday Morning, Ross, TJ Maxx, etc. Really low. Low. There really is no merchandising or order or rhyme or reason or anything. It is: "hey you want a bargain, come look for it, but we aren't going to make this pretty."

So I walk in with my friend, Heather, and am immediately shell shocked. Where do you start? There isn't really customer service, this is bare bones, folks. So if you've never been in Dirt Cheap, you just don't really know what to do with yourself or have any idea where to start. This should be a screaming testimony for the need of advertising and marketing.

I begin to make sense of the place by walking around and trying to process where I should start looking for what I want. Except that I don't know what I want! I need advertisers to tell me this! (mostly sarcasm with a touch of seriousness.) I find myself in this aisle that looked like a scene from Chucky where all the toys came to life and jumped off the shelves. This aisle if you can call it that was labeled "90% off". It's toys. And these toys were in boxes that looked severely damaged to the point you wonder if what's inside is even intact. I wonder, "can I bring this back if it doesn't work or is incomplete?" No way. Why? you might wonder... I have an answer for this: because you can't return crap. That was harsh, but in all seriousness, these are desirable goods, just not in a pretty package. Whether or not this 90% off item works is the price you pay. You know, kind of like gambling.

So lo and behold, I am trying to scoot Lydia around in this aisle that has more on the floor than the shelf, and I spy a 3 wheel scooter. Not just any scooter, but a Clone Wars scooter. Ben is so into Star Wars, I am beginning to think it may never end. Hmmm....let's see 90% off of &29.99 makes it $3! So the box is ripped open...but all the pieces are here. But wait a minute, it's missing hardware. I am thinking to myself how proud Rob is going to be, and how excited he'll be to put this thing together. Surely he can find some nuts and bolts to hold all the pieces together, right? So I buy it.

I bring this thing home, and show the husband. He is not looking as excited as I was thinking he would. He loves to fix things, what's going on? He tells me he would just assume buy the thing at regular price, it's not worth it. I begin by telling him how much I was bragging on him to some man in the aisle with me. Yes, I am friendly. Hey, when you're both in the same God-forsaken aisle, stooping to all time lows, you might as well say hi while you're down there. Plus, there is no customer service, I needed a second opinion!

Long story, short. Turned out that Rob had a lot on his mind and adding this wasn't helping. I told him, it wasn't urgent, I was thinking for Ben's birthday maybe. He tells me, "but you know me, I am going to want to fix it now." I couldn't help but laugh a little. So this a.m., he called the manufacturer and they are sending us all the hardware for this $3 scooter! :) Yay!

I managed to find a few things, and the two most blog-worthy items was the scooter and this awesome Nike running shirt retailing at $45...finding it at Dirt Cheap for $3! yay again.

my $3 deals!
BTW - an update on sweet Lydia - her ultrasound came back normal, but they wanted to do a CT scan to be completely sure. She had that done today, so we'll see how that turns out. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts! It means a lot to me. Kids are just so darn special, you know? :) She also ate her cereal for the first time today! It's about the 3rd or 4th time trying it, but she actually ingested it! She wasn't just wearing her food this time around!

(as a side note: I thought I would be immune to these cheesy baby milestones, because I went through them with Ben and because there are so many more exciting milestones in my opinion. But I found myself getting just as giddy with her as I did with Ben. She was really loving the cereal. Ben was never that interested in food like this. It's neat to see how different they are. I am blessed.)

these two picture really remind me of each other. above: Lydia and below: Ben

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So, it's another life lesson from Jenny. You should all be so excited. All kidding aside, consider yourself warned. This is where you can just view pictures or read and view pictures. :)

Please keep our sweet girl in your prayers tomorrow. While I am not riddled with fear, prayers would never be turned away, especially for me in my life! Tomorrow, she is going to have an ultrasound to screen for spina bifida. So, what do you think of when you think of diseases? Only the most horrific picture of the disease. While I learned a little bit more about spina bifida, like any disease, there is a whole spectrum of severity that goes along with it. What we would be screening for would be a mildform, as she doesn't have an physical indications or impairments, except a birth mark on her lower back with a small amount of hair. That is apparently sometimes a symptom of spina bifida occulta (the mild form).
I thank God so much for this little girl, and am confident that God is constantly keeping me on my toes to grow my character - not my comfort (as Rick Warren likes to say). I know that a "perfect bill of health" one day means nothing the next. So what does it mean if she doesn't have a "perfect bill of health"? Nothing. It's the learning to let things go, that is so freeing. And for me, that means enjoying the moment I have right now, because nothing in the future is ever guaranteed. I trust that God cares for Lydia much more than I could ever, and I trust that her best interests are on his heart. This is a milestone for me, because I was not like this at all with Ben. I was always worried about him and his growth, that I didn't fully enjoy the baby he was. And now he is my almost 4 year old.
Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow. And I will keep you posted.
Much love,
Ben and his sister.
windy! Ben and his friend, Mirabelle at the McWane Museum in Birmingham.

my lovebug. always. forever.

my husband, whom I love and adore.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

no time for words.

So, the phrase "I just don't have the time" drives me nuts, and here I am using the excuse that I have no time. The reason I hate that phrase, is because it is an incorrect statement. The truth is, we make time for what we want to make time for. So sorry Miss Blog, but the truth is, I haven't wanted to blog...mostly because life has been more fulfilling, as I am sure many of you can vouch for - hence all the updated blogs, phonecalls, emails, etc. While I haven't made the time to blog, I realize that many of you - mainly family and close friends, might want to see pictures lately. Especially where the kids are concerned. I have come to the realization that Rob and I are just old, well, maybe not old, but boring! All kidding aside, we are happy, in love, with children, and just doing doing doing. 'Nuff said. I'll manage a few brief whose-it's and whats-it's below as needed. :)

one of my sweet cravings.

and my cheeze cravings...

This morning the ground was covered in snow. Pretty rare, but it was a lot of fun! And you know if it snows in a place that doesn't really ever get snow, you *have* to go in it. To think that it almost slipped my mind...

there were many snowmen around Columbus today...and then remnants of snowmen, as they started to melt away.

put a jacket on!

i love him.

and him, too. Happy 5th, husband! ;)

sometimes i just look at the two of them, and it blows me away, that we are the reason they are here on earth. if only, more people thought about that reality first before having children...

it's a huge responsiblity for even one child...

for instance....who let this child have messy hair?!?

but they sure are yummy.