Wednesday, July 2, 2008

two miles.

So yesterday, I made it two miles in 19:18. Not too bad considering the circumstances I am in! :) And this morning, I am not even sore. Rob came home from work yesterday, so we headed up to the 2/3 mile track up in Caledonia. Rob was pushing Ben in the stroller, and was very good about not leaving me in the dust, while I kept telling him to just go, and not let me hold him up. He wouldn't leave me, which was quite humbling, because in my faster days, I can't say that I would do the same. Actually, I know that I wouldn't do the same. But, that is what I love about Rob. The last 10K we ran "together", he cut me loose, so I could place 2nd overall among the women. He ended up making great time anyway, he wasn't more than a minute behind me. And he, too, placed receiving 1st for men in his age group!

Recently, Ben has gotten really good at coloring, which is great, except that he gets frustrated now when he colors out of the lines! I guess ignorance really is bliss! So I color out of the lines to show him that it is OK and that "practice makes perfect". Anyway, there was a point in our run yesterday where I fell behind a little bit, and Ben kept asking Rob where I was. When I finally caught up - read Rob slowed down for me - Ben told me that "practice makes perfect". I loved that he sees that concept in other areas. And I definitely need to practice more! :)


The Akins' Family said...

That is awesome! I remember your blog a couple weeks ago about how upset you were about not running very far! Keep it up and that baby will come out running!

Martha said...

Umm hello Wonder Women!! You could kick my butt 9 months pregnant!!!

Sippi Strides said...

Your bladder is a LOT stronger than mine! Way to're such a strong woman. I'm getting geared up for the half again in Memphis. What am I to do when you're not there at mile 9 pushing me!!!