Wednesday, August 27, 2008

hey fellow "clovite" friends.

Did y'all hear about the prison break at the Curry County Prison? To most, it would be just another small unknown town, but this town has made it's own history in last few years since we have lived there.

We've had a high profile murder, a tornado, a man who managed to get bitten by a gila monster (please note, these are some of the slowest moving creatures), and ridiculously low gas prices that caused "confusion and delay" at one of the busiest intersections in this town! Is there anything I am missing?!
I will say that I hope the town's people stay safe (not only because I am nice, and do not hate the town) but because there are some very near and dear friends that we have made there that still reside there.


Shannon said...

I would like to add that where else can you get a Dr. Pepper that is bottled right there in Portales, plus, the dead cows on the side of the road really aided in directions...take a left at the dead cow...Let's not forget the strange smell coming from the factory behind housing...mmm is that sausage, bread or beer? But the place is very dear to my heart because what you didn't include in the newsflash is that one of the cutest little blond babies was born right there at the local PRMC.