Friday, September 26, 2008

coffee beans and solo flights.

So, as Rob's job as Flight Commander comes to an end and he begins a new job...he is ending on a good note. Whenever students solo in the T-38, it is usually "customary" to give your instructor a token of appreciation for soloing you out. Usually, this translates into a bottle of alcohol. However, Rob doesn't really drink, and he has usually received coffee in its place. I think it's great, because it is something we shop for on a regular basis. He would come home with 5 or 6 bags of coffee, and one student about a year ago began a coffee bean subscription for an entire year from a local roasting company in Destin, FL. Once a month we would receive a choice coffee, complete with a write up on the particular coffee's location and its distinction. That student he graduated a FULL YEAR ago is already at RTU and only last month the coffee "subscription" finally ended. Not too shabby to say the least!

Well, today, after picking up Ben from school, we headed up to base to visit the husband at work. Rob said he needed me to help him bring something to the car to take home, and low and behold it was 4 plastic bags full of COFFEE! We're talking anywhere from 1/2 lb to 1 lb bags, not to mention two big economy tubs of Folger's. And coffee isn't exactly cheap! I asked if it came from one student and it did. The student said he didn't know what Rob liked, so he just got a bunch of different coffee. OK, now seriously, we are not that picky. I do have some friends who are pretty serious about coffee (Shannon!) :) I thought to myself, "I grocery shop with a 3 year old, how picky could I get when I can't browse the coffee aisle - or any aisle for that matter - for more than a couple minutes before he's off to help me with the next item on our list!" Heck, I haven't even added "coffee" to my list in a year's time, that I don't even know what the local Walmart and/or commissary have to offer anymore!

I told Rob that if he solos anyone else, they might just need to give him something different. Hmmm...I wonder if any of them babysit......... Just kidding!


mattswife1990 said...

*Very* cool! That is something that Matt would really appreciate. It's hard to know what to get him for birthdays, anniversary, etc., but a bag of nice coffee beans always goes over well with him. :) (I'm so romantic, huh??)

The Akins Family said...

David gave an IP a gift certificate to Harvey's (his favorite) since he didn't drink! After that I told David he need to FAIP to the T6......and ask for gift certificates after soloing! :) We could have some great date nights with that!

Lia Caban said...

Of course I was going to comment after seeing all that coffee! WOW, that's a great idea. If you got the Costa Rica Tarrazu from starbucks, it is really really good. It's great that a student is so concerned about your tastes! Either way you're gonna need a lot of coffee soon!