Monday, October 27, 2008

not a diva.

I am not a highly political person. And being that I am not even sure what that means, let me clarify: I have been quite disenchanted with both sides. While I tend to relate more with the conservative/Republican party, I have been quite dissatisfied this year with both sides. That being said, I find it only slightly (insert sarcasm) annoying that Sarah Palin is being referred to as a "diva".

I think I find it slightly annoying today on a day where I feel completely exhausted from being pregnant, and frankly, packing too much in these last two weeks before I show up for my c-section party on 6 Nov. How can a person who has birthed five kids, one with special needs, be even considered a "diva"?!?! While I know Hollywood glamorizes being pregnant, it is hardly glamorous, let alone "divine". Is that the adjective for "diva"? I don't even know.

Ben is only three and I feel like I am 75% of the time catering to his obligations and commitments - on top of feeling big as a barn and feeling like there are arms trying to climb out of me.

Let's just say for argument's sake, that with one child, I *hardly* feel like a "diva".

In fact, let me just mention a few things that don't make me feel like a "diva":

I don't feel like a diva at 37 weeks pregnant. This is only my second time, not 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th time being pregnant. Just imagine the time involved in being pregnant for nine months, getting back to "normal" - whatever that is - postpartum? Now mulitiply that by the number of kids you have. Sorry, but it doesn't quite shout "diva" to me. Does it to you?

I don't feel like a diva when I am making dinner at the same time giving Ben a bath, and applying a little foundation and mascara - only to make it to our Sunday School group and spend some time in the Word with friends. The minimal makeup and brushed ponytail are just so my friends don't have pity on me for my ragged appearance.

I don't feel like a diva when I am constantly having to remind only *one* child to brush his teeth, get dressed, eat his breakfast/lunch/dinner, go to the bathroom, so that he can make it to either Awanas, preschool, soccer, etc. Again, let me mention - this is one child, not more.

I don't feel like a diva when I am trying to prepare goodies for both a playgroup and a home party that I said I wanted host for a friend.

The bottom line here is not that I want any pity on me or the way I feel at almost 38 weeks pregnant. I love my life, and I love doing all these things because I love my family. Really. I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world.

All I'm sayin' is that I feel bad for the chick who gets accused of being a "diva". The chick who juggles a family of 7, a marriage, and manages to take all of America's - at least all the Democrats' - criticism, because she was given/loaned/whatever a few outfits to run for the second most important job in the United States.

I'm just sayin'....


mattswife1990 said...

It bothers me, too, that Sarah Palin has been criticized so much for her "spending spree". It makes me wonder how much Michelle Obama or Cindy McCain have spent on clothing during all of this. Or what about if Hillary Clinton had won the Democratic nomination?

I think the fact of the matter is that people out there are mad that there's a woman *really* living her pro-life stance. (you know, Downs Syndrome son, and pregnant teen daughter?)

And people will criticize her for whatever they can find to criticize her about.

Actually, maybe her own clothing was too "un-diva-ish" and the Republican Party *needed* to update it, with her in the public eye all the time lately? Just a thought...

Anita Taylor said...

The Dems are just totally negative because that is what they do best...Reps are conservtive that they just have to bite their tongues. I adore Sara Palin because having 5 kids or more does not prevent a woman to go out and work, She is driven and how many women you can find like her. She knows she has gifts that God gave her and she uses them.