Wednesday, January 21, 2009

do i need perspective?

So maybe it's just me, but I went for a run tonight. And it caused some thinking - other than the normal thinking that I might get abducted when I run at night. I was running and a Blink 182 song came on. It reminded me of that story about Travis Barker and his friend that were involved in a private plane crash. You know....right? The one where the pilots died and one of the two guys was injured...but not dead, right? Ok, well, I was reading a brief in People magazine while we were waiting in the Chicago airport that mentioned that a lawsuit was being filed. It has been reported that Travis Barker and his buddy are suing the pilots' and their companies for some sort of negligence on the pilots' behalf and they are suing for their estates.

OK, so maybe I am just too nice of a person (I do sometimes have a bleeding heart), but really? You're going to sue dead people for negligence? Wasn't their death payment enough? You're going to rob the grieving families even more by suing for their possessions?! Really? Really? And hello...? You're alive to be able to sue! Maybe it's me, but I can't help but wonder where the disconnect is. Maybe I am just sensitive, because Rob is a pilot. Or maybe I am sensitive because there were some fatal accidents here at Columbus AFB that cost two pilots their lives, and their families a deep, gaping sadness. And not only was it a problem with the plane that caused their deaths, but you can't sue the Air Force. Furthermore, it's not like they are hurting for the money. They could, you know, afford to fly this private plane.

I guess all that came from a silly Blink 182 song playing on my iPod in the dark on a cold, winter run, but I just had to let off a little steam. Unfortunately, letting off steam doesn't help, because it still leaves me sad that our world has become what it is. All I can really do is focus on the positive people in the world who can put a smile on their face and overlook negativity. Which is what I need to do right now.

Friday, January 9, 2009

it's your turn.

I have been reading through this quick read by Paul Riser (Mad About You) titled "Babyhood". He also has a read titled "Couplehood" which I have not read yet. Since parenthood is quite relavent to us, I have been finding this book hilarious. I am posting it, because I think some others out there might, too, find it all too true.

Here is the excerpt:

And it is here that you learn the three words that become the chief verbal staple of any household with a baby: It's Your Turn.
This phrase is the theme song of any marriage once it goes from Two to Three.
"I just changed him twenty minutes ago...It's your turn."
"I've been watching him all day. It's your turn!"
"I simply cannot stand up; it's your turn!"

This all-purpose phrase also works as a marital greeting. The "Hi-sweetie-how-was-your-day" of yesteryear is now replaced with the more simple, direct, and mildy irritated "It's your turn."
Before you have a child, you and your spouse are many things to each other: friends, lovers, competitors, partners...Upon producing a child, you relate to eachother primarily as sentries.
The two of you are guards who rotate shifts monitoring and protecting your new charge.
When Baby enters your world, there's no time for intimate conversation between Husband and Wife. In fact, the extentof conversation often consists solely of the reporting of Baby's "eating-sleeping-pooping" status - just before the changing of the guard.
"He ate, he napped, he needs to be changed."
"I just walked in. Can I take a shower?"
"You should've showered before we had a kid. It's your turn."
Then, like buck privates relieving one another at Guantanamo, you're on duty and your wife gets a four-hour pass.