Tuesday, February 5, 2008

email bankruptcy.

Did you know that you can do it?! Do what, you might wonder. Did you know that you can just do away with the 500+ emails in your inbox and decide that their huge quantities stress you out, and you can just trash them all?! Just like that?!


Well, today after looking at my inbox, I just might do it. What is it with piles? Electronic piles or actual physical ones? You know....You know that spot that immediately lends itselt to ridding your hands of purse, mail (most of it junk), a sippy cup, the handful of garbage you told yourself to grab from your car and know. Don't act like you don't.

Well, piles drive me absolutely bonkers. And the ridiculous thing about it all is that every time I take the dedicated time and energy required to get rid of these things, I vow that I will *never* let it happen again. And lo and behold, another pile reappears! And when I say "dedicated" I mean seriously getting rid of it, not just hiding it or, Jenny forbid, put it SOMEWHERE ELSE. Sometimes, Rob thinks that's the thing to do. I do not like it. From Dr. Suess himself, I do not like them "here or there, I do now like them anywhere!"

So I saw on the Today show last week, that you can really "declare Email bankruptcy" and empty your entire Inbox, provided you let all contacts know about it. Then kindly ask them, that if they have something important to send you, to please resend.

A few thoughts come to mind:
Isn't that more work to trash my whole inbox, and THEN have to take the time to tell everyone about it? And how on earth is that even polite to ask your friends/acquaintences/contacts, "can you please resend whatever important email you sent me again?" What kind of friend is THAT?!?!

I think I will just keep my piles, thank you.

Note: these pictures of "clutter" are quite mild as to what usually happens. You can be rest assured that if these misdemeanors were truly burdensome, I would not be here writing about it, I would be working hard to make them vanish. I do have a threshold, you know.


mattswife1990 said...

Ah, piles.

Why is it that they always reappear? Maybe we should just not go to the mailbox or something, to avoid having to deal with the accumulation of paper?

I struggle with piles. I fall into the habit of hiding my piles when people come over. Then it's just *so* easy to leave them hidden away somewhere, rather than deal with them!

I need to work on my filing system. Maybe that will help...

Amy :)

Rooster said...

Hi Jenny! I'm a blast from your past ;) I came across your blog and love reading what you write. It must be about 8 years since we saw each other last but I have such great memories of our high school days. I have a year and a half year old son who looks a bit like your bed (same sandy blonde hair and brown eyes) and I can relate to a lot of what you write.
Anyway, I hope we can get back in touch!
Emily Lopez (Robinson)