Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Rob remains the Check Flight commander this year. He became a Major Select this year, and looks forward to pinning on Major the beginning of February. He was recently awarded IP (Instructor Pilot) of the Year for his squadron, and we are all very proud of his hard work and accomplishments.

Jenny continues to take care of the home and Ben and Lydia. She enjoys the bond that is growing between the two of them, but is also learning more about siblinghood through them, as she is an only child. She is also Moppets Coordinator for the Christian nonprofit, MOPS (Mothers Of PreSchoolers). She plans the curriculum and cares for roughly 30 kids alongside paid/nonpaid caregivers. The program seeks to reach out to mothers of preschoolers through fellowship and breakfast with the moms, while their children are taken care of and shown the love of Christ. She is still an avid runner, and now enjoys taking Lydia for runs.

Ben is a 4 1/2 years old now and loves Legos and Star Wars. He enjoys his 4 year old class, and looks forward to Kindergarten. He loves to read and write. This past summer, he learned to how to ride a two-wheeler and swim. The swimming part was the more difficult of the two, as his fear was quite overwhelming! There were many tears, and both Rob and Jenny were fearful of the glances shot our way, as he screamed bloody murder many times! But he made it through, and it will be interesting to see what he retains this summer. :)

Lydia turned 1 this November, and enjoyed a wonderful birthday with both sets of grandparents and Halloween to boot! She was dressed as a bumblebee and it fits her personality perfectly because wherever she goes, she goes at it with such vigor! Much to her parents' dismay, she walked at just under 9 months. She could have "milked" babyhood all she wanted, but not Lydia. It was thought that she might be the laid back child - until we really got to know her!

As a family we enjoyed a few trips this year. In January, we had a winter birthday trip for Jenny to MI and visited her very best friend. In May, we visited Jenny's parents in Phoenix, and met with some old friends. September brought a trip to NH to surprise Jenny's Mom on her 60th birthday at her aunt and uncle's house. Rob and I also completed our first half marathon TOGETHER at St. Jude's in Memphis this year. We were excited to cross the finish line together at 1:49:14! We thank everyone who sponsored us by giving money. We raised a total of $1390, well over our goal of $1200. Rob's Mom and Aunt came to MS and watched the kids for the weekend, so we were also able to spend time together.

We are anticipating moving this summer, and will know where by early spring when Rob gets an assignment. As for 2010, we hope this finds you in a time of joy and peace, as you look forward to another year with newness and blessings.

Much love to you,
Rob, Jenny, Ben and Lydia