Tuesday, February 9, 2010

our little Brooklets... (stolen phrase from my MIL) :)

what a *lucky* brother!

Here are more recent photos of the kids. Yep, they're still here. And alive. And growing.

A few days ago, we all went in as a family so that my Sponsor could get me, his Dependant, a new base ID card. You know, so that everyone knows my husband's a Major now. ;) Ha! While we were waiting our turn there was an 18 month old little girl named, Delilah. (hey, it least it wasn't Jezebel, right?!) And, you know, I really like that name and you don't see it often. I can only imagine it's due to that one case with a certain "Delilah". We're so superstitious, aren't we?? But, I do suppose we have all experienced a certain name that was bad news for us, whether it was a snotty girl in high school or a jock who broke our hearts. Anyway....those names don't usually end up being our children, do they??

Back in the Personnel office, this little girl Delilah was very sweet, and wanted to interact with Lydia if she would have it. She wouldn't. Lydia stubbornly turned her head 90 degrees away from sweet Delilah. Time passes, and we get called back to take care of our business.

Ben is such a wonderKid - I suppose that statement is half-true and half-"he's our kid", though, huh? Ben sits in a chair and quite matter-of-factly states, "I know Delilah, she's in the Bible. And she was a baaaad girl." (with emphasis on "bad" and almost as if he wishes he knew a girl like that!)


Anonymous said...

Lydia pushing Ben...there is something wrong there ha,ha,ha.

love, Mom

mattswife1990 said...

Too funny... "I know Delilah... she was baaaad...!"

Amy :)

Anonymous said...
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