Monday, February 8, 2010

Two Halves make a Full, right? ;)

Pictured here are some other friends that also ran in the half marathon: Heather B and her Dad, and Shannon and Steve. It was such a fun time!

So...........remember back when I told you we were running a half marathon together?? Well, we did, and we raised $1390 for St. Jude's Children's Hospital! We couldn't have done it without so many of you donating to our cause, and we have you to thank! So, thank you for believing in us in that way. We had a great race together, and I can tell you that running a half with your spouse is so much more fun than running alone! Our finish time was 1:49:14. I am so proud of Rob, because this was his first half, and our time was only a minute and a half slower than my PR time a couple years ago (BTW, I learned you can only brag a PR within two years. After that time, it sort of "expires" if you will, and you can no longer brag your best PR. Ha.) However, my point is that Rob did excellent for his first time!

I will tell you along there way there were a few interesting things that took place:
1) a barefoot runner, running faster than us, and running the full marathon! Who knew people *did* that?! They do, believe me.
2) all the supporters along the way, especially the new route that takes you through the St. Jude Campus. It was so neat to see people whose lives have been touched by the many people of St. Jude!
3) Mile 11ish - When were running on a slight downhill, I asked Rob if he could "work the hill a little bit". And his response was, "I *am* working the hill." Tee hee. Did I mention he did outstanding?!?!
4) Rob mentioned after the race, that what was demoralizing for him was when I stopped to a full on walk to wait for him. WHAT REALLY HAPPENED: OK, when you're running with someone for 13.1 miles, it gets really difficult to stay exactly together the whole time. And at about mile 12, I got an excited surge (um, who wouldn't be excited to be almost done?!) and pulled away accidentally. I realized this problem, and just stopped and walked about 10 paces to wait for him. Not that bad, right? Rob's overreacting.... :) Would he rather I run circles around him, or just nonchalantly wait until he's right there? You be the judge.
5) EATING! We all love food, and it's just such a shame that you can't just eat whatever you want all the time, right? Well, when you buy yourself some calories by running so long, you CAN eat all you want! It's especially great, when you're not in Columbus, MS and you're in Memphis, and you have OPTIONS!


Pam said...

Look at you... two posts in a day! BTW, I forgot to tell you that I love your new pic. Lydia is so pretty and Ben has the cutest dimples! Oh, and I LOVE the mask line on Rob's nose!
Good talking to you today.

Jenny Brooks said...

Pamcakes, the mask line, I know, right?! It was a total impromptu picture that day. Rob had been wanting to get a picture by his jet, but it was never parked quite close enough until that day. It just so happened that we went out there on a day I actually wore blacked heeled boots and makeup! snapped three photos and that was it! The things that happen, when you're not tryin' at all. :) Good talking to you today too! Can't wait to meet those babie(s) again!

Rob said...

Yeah, "nonchalantly wait," like "man, this is easy! What's your problem?" ;-) Bet you for got about this page! Love you!